Take a hold of your Xero data

Business owners need to protect and backup their data, data stored in Xero should be no exception.

Daily backup

It’s always a sound advice to maintain copies of all data inputted into Xero. Control-C backups your Xero data every 24 hours.

Full Access to Historical Data

We allow you to see and download all available data on an ongoing basis.

Data Export

We offer several data formats, such as XML, XSLX or CSV.

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full Access to your Data

Search and report on any of the data transferred from Xero.

availability 24/7

You may download any backup from your history for you to store or work on.

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Local Storage

Data storage in geo-separate secure data centres in New Zealand and other locations available.

control-c puts your Xero data in your hands

While your data is safe with Xero in “the cloud”, we all know the unforeseen can happen, and we all know we should have a secure copy of our precious data somewhere.

fast daily backup

Once your first back is complete, your daily backups should complete within a couple of hours i.e. daily.

Backup everything

See all data available and backup everything, including any attachments added to invoices.

the best and only solution

Control-C is the only product on the market of its kind and a very good value for money.


Control-C deploys end-to-end encryption from Xero. Control-C can not see or access your data or attachments.

Ready for a closer look? Watch it in action.

A quick overview of backapp, a product of Control-C Ltd that allows you to browse, view and export your backed up Xero accounting data (Xero.com) offline.


1. Why do I need backups? Is my data not safe in the cloud?

While your data is safe in “the cloud”, we all know the unforeseen can happen, and we all know we should have a secure copy of our precious data somewhere.

Many tax departments and business advisors say that a backup is good business practice and in some countries a requirement. We store your data securely in New Zealand based data centres. With Control-C you can download any of your data at any time. You can also have access to any attachments that have been stored in Xero.
With backapp you can then create easy to view reports and easily and quickly search for all sorts items in your Xero data.

Basically, we give you peace of mind.

2. How long does the backup take?

Your very first backup is a full backup and therefore this will take the longest time to run compared to your subsequent daily backups. Once your first back is complete though, your daily backups should complete within a couple of hours i.e. daily.
There is really no easy way to calculate how long the first backup will take as it comes down to quite a few factors, just like how long will it take to sail from A to B? Some Xero organisations have taken a couple of weeks, some even longer, but most small Xero organisations complete within a couple of days.

Factors to consider are how many records do you have in each Xero table of accounts, there are more than a dozen tables, for example your Receivables and Payables, your Bank Accounts and your Customers and Suppliers etc. If you are using Xero’s ability to store attachments, you are also going to need to allow time to back these up.

Xero also limits the amount of requests for data in a 24-hour period. Once you hit the limit, Control-C will have to wait until the next day to pickup where it left off.

If you think your first backup is taking way too long, then you should contact us and we will look into it for you and let you know about its progress.

3. Where is my data stored?

Your data is held in two secure commercial data centres, the primary is based in Wellington and the secondary data centre in Auckland. Both data centres employ backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security features such as ‘biometrics’ and ‘mantraps’ with 24/7 monitoring.

4. Can I go back to an older version of my backup?

Yes, you can go back to the day your first back up was successfully completed.  This means you essentially have an unlimited archive of all your daily backups that are accessible to you anytime you need them.

5. Tell me about this product's privacy policy

In summary, your data is very safe with Control-C. We deploy end-to-end encryption from Xero to our storage – and at rest. Your data is encrypted so securely – we can not see or access your data or attachments. Further, we do not share your data with anyone at anytime under any conditions.

6. Can I restore data to Xero?

Control-C is backing up all possible data from Xero, and making them available to you in an offline method that is very usable, viewable on any device (mac or PC) and allow for reporting/exporting etc.
What we provide, is the ability to view your data from any previous day, such as invoices, expenses, balances (creditors/debtors etc), reports, attachments associated to these records, and then do with that as you need.

It’s currently not possible (due to Xero’s limitations) to suitably restore all data to Xero.
We have also added Dropbox and GoogleDrive connectivity – which means we additionally sync data to these global storage providers – which can then sync your data back to your own PC/Servers. This gives you the highest-level redundancy and access to your data anytime and anywhere.

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