Get a comprehensive inventory management system and manage your stock and your staff members

DEAR Inventory aims to help small to medium business owners take control over inventory and order management while streamlining, automating and simplifying all daily operations.

Track orders

Track customer orders from quote, to pick, pack and shipment. Split orders for a partial shipment or create a backorder and complete shipment when stock arrives.

Integrated with Accounting apps

DEAR seamlessly integrates with accounting software market leaders. See who owes you money and how profitable you are with a click of a button.


DEAR integrates with all major ecommerce and shipping platforms, equipping you with simple, centralised inventory management across all your sales channels.

Point-of-sale feature

Seamlessly sync your physical sales with your inventory. Be sure that every transaction made at your retail locations is reflected in your inventory, with the relevant accounting documents automatically generated.

Insightful manufacturing

Create advanced bills of materials, quickly estimate manufacturing costs, track inventory and service-based expenses. Issue invoices with built-in margin at pre-set milestones.

Inventory Management

With DEAR you have complete visibility and control over stock levels, orders, and product movement.

DEAR Inventory can help you with:

  1. Record entire supplier purchasing history
  2. Track cost of raw materials and labour
  3. Track what’s in stock with inventory control
  4. Track orders from quote to pick, pack and shipment
  5. DEAR seamlessly integrates with accounting apps
  6. Easy integration with e-Commerce platforms
  7. Point-of-sale full suite
  8. Create advanced bills of materials
  9. Publish your product catalogue online
  10. Easily fulfil and track customer orders. Let customers pay on the spot.


DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based, inventory and order management application for SMBs which offers a complete back end management solution with purchasing, sales, warehouse management, light manufacturing features as well as shipping, ecommerce and payment gateway integrations.

User friendly

DEAR is universally praised for its logical workflow, meaning each step of the way feels intuitive to the user, with easy-to-learn interface.

Advanced Inventory

DEAR Inventory supports many aspects of inventory not available in other solutions, like serial numbers, batch/log tracking, and expiration dates.

Easy Inventory Management

DEAR supports forecasting, kitting, barcoding/RFID, multi-channel management, reorder management, supplier management, warehouse inventory management and more.

Connected e-Commerce

From receiving an order to raising a purchase order, you can complete the entire process automatically through DEAR’s centralised platform.

Ready for a closer look? Watch it in action.

Dear Inventory is the ultimate business management system as it offers wide-ranging features for startups as well as multinational organisations. Best of all, Dear is an app updated almost on a weekly basis.


1. What apps does the DEAR integrate with?

DEAR integrates with Xero, Shopify, Magento, ebay, ShipStation, WooCommerce, Pepperi, Etsy, SALPO, Amazon, Vend, STRIPE, Paypal, capsule, Handshake, Square and more!

2. Does DEAR support barcoding?

Yes. You can use barcode scanning technology to save yourself time and reduce the risk of incorrect data entry. Whether on stock arrival or during product picks, simply scan the product barcode and DEAR will automatically select the correct inventory every time.

3. Can I automate reorders and backorders?

Sure. With DEAR, you can set low stock reorder points to automatically trigger a purchase order when you’re running low, while our automated backorder feature ensures orders are fulfilled when stock arrives.

4. What purchasing features does DEAR support?

DEAR supports purchase orders, serial and batch numbers, bulk upload of large purchase orders, unstock, bills, credit memos, barcode scanning, full purchase history, reorder of backordered products, multiple deliveries, drop-shipping, reorder stock levels and landed costs.

5. Can I manage transactions in real time?

Yes, as the orders roll in, you can rest assured that every transaction is seamlessly synchronised to DEAR inventory platform in real-time, across all of your sales channels.


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